“the BENEFITS of Mental Illness” 6/11/2017

Few people understand, and even fewer openly advertise, that Mental Illness is actually a .VERY EMPOWERING EXPERIENCE..  The “sufferer” BENEFITS fantastically!  The Mind is being SUPER-CHARGED and Mental Illness should be called .Shaman’s - Sickness..  A whole web-site, independent from me, has been devoted to the belief that Mental Illness Development is in reality a .FANTASTIC. .OPPORTUNITY. and this attitude is indicated its domain name – .SUCCESSFUL Schizophrenia.!  A Psychiatrist noticed this unusual phenomena too - .concerning the Spontaneous Recoveries he witnessed.!

 There are other individuals/groups advertising the POSITIVENESS of Mental Illness and one noted person doing so is Dr. Malidoma SOMÉ.  The sentence, “That what we sometimes call depression, bi-polar, psychosis, schizophrenia, might actually be IS a significant transformation in consciousness and a necessary stage on the path of human development”, has been excerpted from this web-page.  You can see that the author, Jayson GADDIS, considers that all of these Psychiatric Disorders to be similar.  I do too – BECAUSE THE MOST EFFECTIVE TREATMENT IS ALWAYS INTEGRATE THE SUB-CONSCIOUS (MIND).  In doing so the Mind becomes more powerful!  Thus I simply call all of these .TERMS, that Psychiatrists apply to someone experiencing a Severe and Chronic MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEM (S&CMHP) - “LABELS”.

I can only describe my experience, through this Recovery Phase from my OPPORTUNITY, as fascinating!  I somehow got the notion that my Recovery would be dependent on what I learnt and how I applied this learning.  I initially was recommended to do Dreams in one-to-one therapy, by the Jungian psychologist I was referred to after my complete collapse, when I needed to take two weeks off work because of the Mental State I was in from bouts of Chronic Depression.  I did not take an interest then and it was only in Art(s) Therapy Class, where my psychologist interpreted a fellow-patient’s Dream, that I did.  I understood the connection(s) between the Dream, my Therapist’s interpretation of that Dream AND how I perceived this fellow-patient to be and I began researching Dreams and journaling them avidly!

 My interpreting of Dreams was the mainstay for my Recovery and I can’t over-emphasize their importance and my indebtedness for the guidance from my Jungian psychologist.  I still use them now - over

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